Effects Of Health Education on Diabetic Foot Patients knowledge At Jabir Diabetic Center, Khartoum State, Sudan: 2012-2014

اسم الطالب : Elteyeb Hassan Elkhalifa Mohammed, RN, BSN
المشرف : Dr.Suheir Abdelsater Mohamed Sayed
تاريخ النشر : 2014-01-01
الدرجة العلمية : ماجستير

More than 120 million people in the world suffer of Diabetes Mellitus (DM )and too many of these subjects have diabetic foot ulcers when may eventually lead to an amputation.( Apelqvistj,Ragnson 1994). Ulceration of the foot is one of the major health problems for people with diabetes mellitus. It is estimated to affect 15% to 25% of people with diabetes at some time in their lives (Singh 2005). Foot ulceration can result in marked physical disability and reduction of quality of life (Nabuurs-Franssen 2005 ; Vileikyte2001), not to mention limb loss and even death (Robbins 2008).Diabetic foot ulcers precede 25% to 90% of all amputations (Global Lower Extremity Amputation Study Group 2000; Pecoraro1990). The risk of a lower extremity amputation in people with diabetes is therefore much higher than in people without diabetes (Canavan 2008; Icks 2009). Several factors are involved in the development of foot ulcers. Similarly the risk for amputation in patients with diabetes is 15 times greater than for the non-diabetic population and the Majority of amputations are preceded by DFU. In addition to Increase morbidity and mortality, subjects with DFU have a Poorer quality of life in comparison to those without ulcers. (Sutton M. 2000). The annual incidence of DFU is 2.5% and it is estimated that 15% of all diabetics are affected by diabetic foot ulcers during their lifetime causing a considerable financial burden on health care providers. In the UK alone it has been estimated that 1.25 million hospital bed-days per year at a cost of £220 million are required to treat diabetic foot problems. ( Laing P, Cogley D, Klenerman L.1991 ) T his figure does not include the whole cost, as there are almost seven times as many patients in t he community as in the hospital .( Peacock I, Fletcher E, Jeffcoate WJ.1985). Similarly, in the USA, 15% of total admissions for people with diabetes during a two year period were related to foot problems which accounted for 23% of the total hospital days Direct hospital costs for the treatment of diabetic foot infectious exceed $200 million per year and that for amputation related to diabetes exceed $350 million annually.( Pecoraro RE 1998). The non-healing diabetic ulcer - a major cause for limb loss. In: Barbul A, Caldwell MD et al (eds 1991).